Bar Class Reference

The historical data bar's description.

Public Member Functions
Bar (string time, double open, double high, double low, double close, long volume, int count, double wap)
string Time[get, set]
The bar's date and time (either as a yyyymmss hh : mm : ss formatted string or as system time according to the request). Time zone is the time zone chosen on login.
double Open[get, set]
The bar's open price.
double High[get, set]
The bar's high price.
double Low[get, set]
The bar's low price.
double Close[get, set]
The bar's close price.
long Volume[get, set]
The bar's traded volume if available (only available for TRADES)
double WAP[get, set]
The bar's Weighted Average Price (only available for TRADES)
int Count[get, set]
The number of trades during the bar's timespan (only available for TRADES)

Detailed Description

The historical data bar's description.

See Also

EClient, EWrapper